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Depression and anxiety: Further reading

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Here is a selection of titles for more information on depression and anxiety disorders.

Dr. Edward Hallowell is a psychiatrist whose writing I admire highly. Amazon.com has this to say about his book Worry: "Illustrating his theories with the personal stories of and dialogues with clients, Hallowell provides a full picture of the ordinary yet chronic worry-problems." It also claims the author "emphasizes the physical, not the psychological aspect of worrying," which I take to mean that relaxation techniques are a major theme of the book. When Panic Attacks is written by a psychologist and focuses more on eliminating "stinking thinking." These are techniques proven effective by psychological research, not just psychobabble.

Dr. Hallowell is also a loving father, and I trust his advice on helping children avoid the ravages of depression in later life. He recommends emphasizing optimism over achievement and confidence over competition. Biddulph is an Australian psychologist who appears to have a behavioral approach to teaching children to avoid the patterns that lead to anxiety and mood disorders, combined with an emphasis on family connections. Sounds like good medicine, since social connections can prevent adult mood disorders and cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most effective treatments ever devised.

Depression affects everyone close to the person who is ill. It's important for family and close friends to keep their own mood and spirits healthy. This book provides advice not just on supporting the depressed person, but on holding him or her accountable and on keeping one's own self well.
A general reference work on depression and other mental disorders. This is not a self-help books and does not promote an agenda; it merely provides information.

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