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Welcome new readers


Some of you may be new readers from Sci Fi Catholic or Ask Sister Mary Martha. Others may be coming in from Google or somewhere else. I want to say "Welcome!" to all of you.

This blog is written in hopes of helping to shed light (hence the title) on science and the Catholic faith. We discuss serious issues here, but also whimsical ideas and fun things like trivia. Check out the sidebar for some of the series that have shown up as well as for the most popular posts. You can read more about this blog and its author, (Ms.) Ginkgo100, here.

"Leave the lights on" is updated several times each week. If you would like to keep up with future posts, you can subscribe here using your favorite reader, or enter your e-mail address in the top left corner of the page. E-mail addresses, of course, are not stored on this site and are never used for any purpose other than to send you new posts.

Please feel free to leave a comment introducing yourself. You can link to your blog or website so we can get to know you better. Again, welcome, and I am looking forward to getting to know you!

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