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Trivia answers #2


Trivia #2 was not wildly popular, but neither was it totally ignored. Thanks for playing, Anna! You were correct on all four of the questions you attempted.

  1. The mental disorder involving multiple personalities is called, descriptively, multiple personality disorder, or in the Psych Bible (the DSM-IV-TR), dissociative identity disorder. I was fishing for the wrong answer of schizophrenia, which contrary to the popular imagination, does not involve switching among multiple personalities at all. The confusion probably comes from the fact that some schizophrenics hallucinate that they hear voices.
  2. Yeah, I meant a car that uses hydrogen as fuel. Thanks for correcting my sloppy writing. Steam would come out of the tail pipe of such a car.
  3. Concupiscence is what I was looking for.
  4. Jimmy Akin, Catholic apologist.
  5. Richard Dawkins, atheist apologist. His writing on evolution is much more coherent, though.

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