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Trivia answers


Last week's trivia questions were real stumpers! Anna got two 1/2 correct, which is very good. I wonder if I would have done as well. (Obviously, I picked questions I already knew the answer to.) Here are the answers.

But first, I want your trivia questions! Post them in a comment and see how many people can come up with the. (The more Google-proof the question, the better... in other words, try not to include hints that can be used as Google keywords.) Don't forget to come back later with the answers.

  1. Anna was correct with "hammer." These are the English names of the bones of the inner ear: malleus (hammer), incus (anvil), and stapes (stirrup).
  2. Anna was on the right track. These are quark flavor quanta. (It took me ten minutes of research to figure out what to call them.) Technically, "up" and "down" are both part of isospin. It would have been more correct to give a list of five, not six: isospin, top, bottom, charm, ___, where the blank is strange (or "strangeness"). You cannot possibly guess this. You just have to know it.
  3. Anna was correct with ciborium. A tabernacle is a box or cabinet, not a covered vessel.
  4. What? Nobody knows the infamous work of Jack Chick when they see it?

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