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New blog! It's The Road to Black


If you sort through this blog's archives, you may notice a pattern in the subject matter: it starts out broad, then gradually narrows to the current focus, science and religion. I think the organic but long process of finding a niche has come to an end. Leave the lights on has found its place.

But there are still a lot of really great posts in the archives — or at least, posts I really like. And there are subjects not directly related to faith or science that I would like to write about from time to time. Meanwhile, I have been toying for a while with an idea for a new blog about my halting efforts to reach personal financial freedom.

So The Road to Black is born. The name comes from the path to having a balance sheet in the black rather than in the red. It is also the new home of all my other writing, from the several series I've written about reality TV to sharing (and seeking) household tips. Many old posts have been moved there. While all links still work and the text is still here, you can now only comment on these old posts on The Road to Black.

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