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WFMW: Kitchen tips

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Since this is my first WFMW, I am writing about something that works for me in one of the "top four" places where I spend my time at home: the kitchen.

The average kitchen sponge ranks right up with gelatin and agar agar as a bacterial growth medium. It has a high surface area, is perpetually damp, and is supplied with nutrients every time it's used to wipe a dirty dish. I try to keep the level of pathogenic bacteria in my kitchen to a dull roar, and sponges are absolutely verboten. Instead I use dish rags, which I change out at least daily. As a side benefit, I don't have to suffer hand-stink from a nasty sponge long past its prime. It's impossible to wash that smell off, kind of like formaldehyde.

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Anonymous said...
January 16, 2008 at 2:38 PM  

You can actually microwave a stinky sponge for 2 minutes and kill all of the bacteria. I use wash clothes too though :)

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